The project

During the “Charles Albert Library” project at the Racconigi Castle, several activities were carried out aimed at promoting the Library and its books and connecting them with the territory. 

One of the activities consisted in cataloguing and filing the volumes of the library. A catalog in the RDF standard was also created in a simple digital format, by using the BIBFRAME vocabulary.

A selection of 60 volumes was scanned through OCR technology. Secondly, the tagset catalog in Italian, French and English was enriched, the text mining from the  digitized books was carried out, and the search engine for the catalog was built. 

Finally, the website has been designed not only to learn about the books, but also to find out more about the local territory: every itinerary drives the reader outside the library to the discovery of the places described in the books, in the Racconigi Castle and the land around it, through the interactive maps also available in the website. This is a new way of retracing the moments which shaped the private and public history of a King. 

Eight reading itineraries have been created: the House of Savoy, Journeys and Places, Charles Albert, Cooking and plants, Childhood, Water and Silk, Satire and traditions, Piedmontese language. These chosen subjects lead the user to the discovery of Charles Albert and Victor Emmanuel’s experience as readers, and of all the other visitors of this small studio. 

Twenty books have been uploaded to, the largest virtual library in the world, while the other digital books are available at the Reading Room of the Castle.

The Library RDF Catalog can be downloaded in RDF Turtle format, and can be used according to the CC Attribution 4.0 license.

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