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Recueil general des modes d’habillements des femmes des etats de sa majesté le Roi de Sardaigne dessiné et gravé par Ant. M. Stagnon


Antonio Maria Stagnon

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“The differences of clothing helps understand the various characters of nations and people” – this is the beginning of a collection of pictures dedicated to Adelaide Clotilde, princess of Piedmont. Every image shows a typical costume of a certain kind of woman, either representing the Dame of Turin in her court dress, “Magdelon” the milkmaid or the bourgeois “Madame” from Aosta. Every figure has in its background her typical environment: for instance, “Laura” the market seller has on its background a beautiful drawing of the Dome’s square.

La diversité des habillements contribuent beaucoup à faire connaître les différents caractères des nations et des peuples.

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