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Ricordi e pensieri di Re Carlo Alberto


Carlo Alberto

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This short volume contains two essays written by Charles Albert about war episodes in which he participated. The first one is about the siege to the Trocadero fortress of the 30th-31st August 1823, on the peninsula with the same name that closes up Cadiz bay. Charles Albert took part to the conquest of the city as a volunteer between the French troupes. To celebrate this victory, his wife the queen Mary Therese commanded the construction of the Trocadero’s monument dedicated to the “loved husband” in the park of Racconigi Castle.

Dans cette vie si courte, qui passe comme la fumée poussée par le vent, dans cette vie où l’homme ne doit s’attendre qu’à souffrir, puisqu’il n’a été créé que pour expier une faute,
pour se purifier;

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