books and territory / CHARLES ALBERT

Il diario autografo di Re Carlo Alberto. Frammenti Inediti. Estratto dalla “Nuova Antologia”, 1 giugno 1931


Francesco Salata

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Francesco Salata, a historian with a great passion about Charles Albert’s life, collects in this volume some pages taken from the personal diary of the King. They are written in French, like many of his essays. Salata is unable to hide his excitement over the discovery of this diary thoroughly written and kept hidden until then by an unknown noble family of Piedmont. He admires the way the sentences are organized and the practical binding of the book. Many people urge the historian to satisfy their curiosity by publishing the pages of the diary, which are an invaluable documentation about the first years of the kingdom, between 1831 and 1841.

Depuis mon avènement au Trône, grand nombre de Français vinrent à Turin pour me voir,
pour me dire combien le parti Royaliste plaçait en moi ses espérances.

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