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Gioventù principesca. Lettere inedite di Carlo Alberto Principe di Carignano al suo scudiere Carlo di Robilant


Vincenzo Bona

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The book is dedicated to the marriage between Thomas of Savoy Duke of Genoa and Isabel of Bavaria; it collects thirteen unpublished letters written by Charles Albert between 1819 and 1830. The letters are all addressed to the knight Charles Emmanuel Gabriel Nicolis of the Counts of Robilant and Lords of Cereaglio, who was appointed squire to the prince of Carignano when he was eighteen. The letters are written in an informal manner and they allow the reader to meet Charles Albert as a caring friend, passionate about classical culture and books.

Vous êtes le plus brave gentilhomme que je connaisse; car je ne vous connais qu’un seul défaut, grave il est vrai, qui est de tremper votre vin.

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