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Favole e sonetti pastorali


Luigi Clasio

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Luigi Clasio, nom de plume of Luigi Fiacchi, publishes for the first time at the beginning of the 1800s this collection, made up of 100 tales and 40 sonnets. Clasio’s tales, written in verses, are almost completely original, while his sonnets are short compositions made by hendecasyllable verses grouped in two quatrains and two tercets.
Within the book the reader may find tales such as The Rock and the Diamond or The Telescope of Hope, stories with a clear moral lesson. On the other hand, the sonnets glorify natural elements and references to rural life.

Lo Scoglio, e il fulgido Diamante un dì
Sentiti furono parlar così:
Scoglio. Io non son lucido, ma son gigante.
Diam. Ed io son piccolo, ma son brillante.
Il mondo è vario; e ognuno puote
Dirsi stimabile per la sua dote.

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