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L Testament Neuv de Nossegneour Gesu-Crist: tradout in Lingua Piemonteisa



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A New Testament written in the dialect of Piedmont, complete with the 27 canonic books (the 4 gospels, the Pauline epistles, the catholic epistles and the Apocalypse by Saint John).
This curious edition was printed in London in 1834 by the printer Moyes (Castle Street, Leicester Square). The British general Charles Beckwith, a rigid Anglican who converted to the Waldensian church, paid for the book. The Testament Neuv is a homage to the Waldensian community that welcomed him in Piedmont.
Enrico Geymet, a Waldensian preacher, was the one who likely translated the book. He also wrote the Grammatica Piemounteisa-Italiana of 1937.

E quand a l ha avù coumensà a parlé, a i insegnava dé sta manera:
Beati soun i pover én spirit; pérché ’l regno dèi ciel a l è pér lour.
(Gospel according to Matthew)

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