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La prima cantica della Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri.


Francesco Emilio Comune

Publication date:


It is a manuscript, a translation of Dante’s Inferno in the dialect of Piedmont, more precisely the one spoken between the cities of Turin and Asti. This book, a unique edition, was completed on the 16th of June 1927, even though the inscription at the beginning of the manuscript (“to His Royal Highness the Prince of Piedmont Umberto of Savoy”) marks “August 1933” as the publication date. The author, Francesco Emilio Comune, was the first one to ever take on himself such a challenge of translating the Divine Comedy first “cantica” from the vulgar Italian to the dialect of Piedmont.

Quand j a era a metà strá d’ la nostra vita
A m’ sôn trouvame ‘n ti na selva scura
Perchè l’avia perdù la strá ben drita.

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