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Contes Moraux pour l’enfance


Carlo Alberto

Publication date:


Florence, 1827: twenty-nine-years-old Charles Albert writes together with his wife 38 tales for their children. The book has been given the title of Contes Moraux pour l’enfance (Moral tales), in French, which was the language spoken in the family.
The moral tales are published anonymously but are later withdrawn from the distribution, as wished by Charles Albert. Nowadays, only 60 copies are probably left of the book. In the edition found in the Castle Library, the tales are 24.
The “contes moraux”, meaning moral short stories or tales, are a well-known genre during the second half of the 1700s and the 1800s. In France, the Nouveaux contes moraux, et nouvelles historiques by Madame de Genlis were very successful. Madame de Genlis is one of the author found in Charles Albert’s library.

…mais il faisait donner une
bonne éducation aux siens, leur disant
souvent: je vous laisserai peu,
ayant employé une grande partie de
ce que je possédais, pour vous faire
apprendre des choses utiles…

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